2022-2023 Parking Permit

SKU: Student Parking Permit
Pick up Instructions: You MUST fill and sign the 2022-2023 Parking Permit form and send it to susan.krus@sths.org. The parking permit will not be assigned until you do.



2022-2023 School Year Parking Permit - $150

All students will park in the parking garage. Levels two and three of the garage are for seniors only. This will be on a first come first serve basis daily. All other students will park on levels four and five. Once permit is paid for you must provide the following to the Business Office to receive the parking permit:

Print and complete the attached Vehicle Registration Form. Must be signed by both the student and a parent: Vehicle Registration 2022-2023 (Link)

A copy of the State of Texas Vehicle Registration for the vehicle the student intends to drive. If you do not have this a copy of the insurance for that vehicle and a picture of the license plate is required. A parking permit will not be issued without proper documentation. For all parking information refer to the Student-Parent Handbook.